Did you know that many employers actually want their employees to go to school? It really makes sense because the more educated an employee is, the greater an asset they are to the company. Plus, if your employer is supportive of your learning goals, you are more likely to stay with the company.

How do you find out if your employer supports your learning goals? Just ask! Begin with your immediate supervisor to find out what supports the company has in place for people who want to take classes or pursue a degree. Here are some ways your boss might support you:

  • Your employer might flex your time so you can attend classes during business hours (let you make up the time).
  • You might be able to use computers and supplies at work to do your classwork.
  • If there are enough people at your location who want to learn the same thing, the class could be hosted at your location.
  • Your boss might even pay your tuition. Usually, you have to pass the class with a C+ or better and some make you pay the tuition up front and reimburse you.
  • If the classes lead to improved work performance, you might get a promotion or raise!

There are over 260 employers in the state of Maine who are committed to increasing the skill and knowledge of their employees. See if your employer is one of them by visiting Next Step Maine to see the list of Current Next Step Employers.

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Will your boss pay your tuition?
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