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Learn more about an occupation

Research an occupation at CareerOneStop new window, a site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Enter a job title and state into the search fields to get details about that occupation. On the Occupation Profile page, you will see:

  • Occupation Description: get a brief overview of the job
  • Career Video: see this job in action
  • State and National Wages: what are people being paid?
  • State and National Trends: is the field growing or declining?
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: what do you need to know and be able to do for this job?
  • Tasks and Activities: what do you do on a daily basis?
  • Tools and Technology: what equipment and tech skills do you need to learn?
  • Education and Training: how do you prepare for this job?
  • Related Occupations: what are similar jobs?
  • Web Resources: learn more about the job


noteNote skills and abilities needed for your selected occupations on your Portfolio.


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